In this complete guide on real estate investment analysis, you’ll learn about valuing single family homes and multi-family investments as well as house to analyze rental properties, and fix and flips. This eBook also covers the asset market, rental market, and economic market factors that affect the investment so you can determine the future outlook of the investment.

Here is the Chapter Outline:

  • Introduction to Real Estate Investment Financial Analysis
  • Chapter 1: Advantages of Real Estate Investing
  • Chapter 2: Disadvantages of Real Estate Investing
  • Chapter 3: How to Value Single Family Homes
  • Chapter 4: How to Value Apartment Complexes
  • Chapter 5: Analyzing Rental Properties
  • Chapter 6: Analyzing a Property to Fix & Flip
  • Chapter 7: Investment Decision Rules
  • Chapter 8: Analyzing the Asset Market
  • Resources