If you want to be a great trader, you’ll need a mentor. Find someone who has experience doing the type of stock trading you are trying to do. For example, if you are trading dividend stocks, find a dividend mentor who has experience owning income stocks. In my case, I was seeking mentors who trade penny stocks and stocks under $10. I came across Tim Sykes, Mark Crook (Super Trades), Tim Grattani, and others who have made millions trading penny stocks. Who better to learn from than self-made millionaires?

Below you’ll get access to join one of these mentors. You can check out each of the recommended mentor’s and see which one suits you best. I personally, follow Tim Sykes, who has made over $4 million in career earnings from Penny Stocks and he also is the founder of Profitly which is the website you’ll be taken to in a moment. Profitly allows you to track your trade performance as well as see the trades of others in the Profitly community to help you determine stocks to play. Find a mentor now!